Customs clearance

Ship Cargo has contracted with the largest customs clearance companies in the world, where our loyal agents cover more than 40 countries Supervise the containers upon arrival to the ports and communicate with the customer and authorize the agents without even the presence of the customer to the clearing We have more than 800 faithful in all sea, air and land ports in Turkey, ready to follow the goods and experience great speed in performance.

Clearance in the Arab World

We have loyal customs in most of the Arab world. With the provision of import service to others in our branches located in Palestine Saudi Arabia Egypt Iraq Kuwait UAE Lebanon Syria All fees and taxes are paid to the door of your warehouse.

Customs clearance in the European Union

We have a formal contract with Emax International which covers all EU outlets We have more than 2000 customs brokers ready in case you have a shipment and you have no loyal to your company We are unique in customs clearance where we can save your goods on the name of our company and reach your warehouse without Bother and pay the taxes and arrive the goods to the door of your warehouse The first branch in Vienna Austria For the second branch Germany Berlin And from it to all over Europe