Ship to Syria

The shipment of Syria for the Ship Cargo Company for international transport is by road and comprehensive insurance of the goods in the event of loss or burning or any other problems throughout Syria and thanks to God from 6 years ago so far there has been no case of loss or a problem only remember some delay that may Which is due to the Syrian land conditions and in some cases in case of shipment of containers or precious goods, the full amount of the goods will be secured.
In agreement with our offices in Syria. We cover the entire governorates and there is daily air transport within 5 days for the paper Shipping daily and small parcels There is air freight of the governorates we cover – Idlib Sarmada Al-Atareb – Hama – Homs – Damascus – Suweida – Aleppo – Aleppo Northern Aleppo – Aazaz – Sarmin – Homs and Rural – Lattakia – Tartous Delivery time for the governorates between 7 days for 10 days in case of conditions Stable Land freight 5 days to inquire or call 30545559633.

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